Singles Event

The Singles Event, previously known as the Matrimonial Event, have been successfully organised for over 20-years; and since I personally took over managing the event in 2011 we have evolved the structure over time to fit with modern culture and lifestyles. These well-structured events are an opportunity for single people to meet each other in a well-organised environment, with the aim to find a potential life-partner.

Event Format – The Singles Events are modern themed, have a relaxed atmosphere, and everyone
is in casual/smart-casual attire; and with our events we like to think that they are more efficient as participants are able to meet many people, and each of them know the reason why they are attending so that hopefully eliminates any awkwardness!


Our organising team is a great group of volunteers who invest a lot of time to make preparations for the event; to ensure it operates in a professional manner and equally a comfortable environment for all participants

Proof of success! – The 2018 Event in Northampton was a huge success. Many couples have successfully met a suitor through these events, and have progressed to get married & start families (or are planning to get married soon!)

Give it a go! – So, if someone who has never attended before, and if they’re looking for a wife or husband to settle down with, we strongly recommend that they give this event a go at least once. We also disseminate information about each event through local towns, youth groups email and/or social media. Even if you are not searching or already married, please do forward information to any single friends/family within the Samaj – it may be of interest to them. We are constantly developing the event with exciting new ideas, so keep an eye out for details of the next event.

To register your interest or for more information on the next event please contact:
Hina: 07966 476646

or email us at: