Gaamonnati Sub-Committee

Gaamonnati Forum

The Gaamonnati forum is a Sub-Committee of AMSUK and works within the framework of its constitution and charity commission guidelines.

The purpose is to provide a platform for discussion and community Network for assistance to Gaam Mandals in the UK for the development and welfare of our Gaams (our ancestral homes) in India.

Aims & Objectives

 To establish and maintain a database of committee members, representatives of Gaam Mandals in UK and contact details of Gamm Sarpanch, and other relevant administrators in India for the Network.

  • To Identify and share developmental and improvement activity, issues and opportunities in the Gaams in India.
  • To share the experiences of the UK and India Gaam Mandals and learn from each other for the benefit of the Community as a whole.
  • To discuss the activities/projects being undertaken by the Gaam Mandals in the UK in collaboration with the respective Gaam Mandals in India.
  • To assist, seek co-operation of the Gaam Mandals in the UK in their endeavour to promote the welfare and development of the Gaams in India.