Mandhata Pragati

The FIRST Edition of the Annual “Mandhata Pragati” Magazine was published in April 1980 and was received by all members with great enthusiasm. The main purpose of the Magazine was to inform all members of the activities of AMSUK and its affiliated Towns and Gaam Mandals and News/Views of members.

However, whilst AMSUK is endeavouring to produce Mandhata Pragati on an annual basis, there is a big question mark regarding the need, viability and continuation of this Magazine in this day and age.

Past Editions of “Mandhata Pragati”;

2015 Mandhata Pragati

2016 Mandhata Pragati

2017 Mandhata Pragati

2018 Mandhata Pragati

2019 Mandhata Pragati

Other Publications


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