Welcome to our website for the Association of Mandhata Samaj, UK (AMSUK) registered Charity (No. 1055169) and representing the Mandhata Community (Samaj) in the UK.

Mandhata Samaj UK is a community of Koli Patels originating from the Navsari District in Gujarat, India. Various community members had initially migrated to East Africain the 1940/50’s and had adopted the name “Mandhata Samaj”. Subsequently, during the 1960/70’s, the community members had settled in the UK and continued with the adopted name and formed local Samaj/Mandals in the towns they had settled in.

In 1972, the Association of Mandhata Samaj UK (AMSUK) was established as an umbrella organisation of various Mandhata Samaj Mandals in the UK.

AMSUK Vision Statement:

AMSUK’s vision is of a Mandhata Samaj that is recognised and respected both within and outside our community and whose members are proud to be part of.

 AMSUK Mission Statement:

AMSUK’s mission is to develop and maintain a strong, vibrant and cohesive Mandhata Samaj that values and promotes our Hindu faith and cultural heritage. 

This website will endeavour to reach out, inform and unite the global Mandhata community

AMSUK is for you, us, our parents and our children … Please get involved and let us thrive together …

"Truth Alone Triumphs"