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The AMSUK Forum is a collective of like-minded individuals and town youth leaders to help bridge the generation gap and host events and topics of interest to the AMSUK youth of today. 

Our parents and grandparents came to the UK during the sixties and seventies where they faced somewhat challenging times and a very different life compared to what they were used to back home. 

In order to maintain their cultural and religious roots they set up AMSUK in 1972, and over the years our Koli community has come together and grown throughout the UK.

By giving our community a solid foundation and a platform to build upon they have essentially done all the hard work for us!…It is therefore now up to us to maintain this spirit and help continue on our samaj.

As a result the AMSUK Youth Forum was created to ensure their efforts were passed down to the next generation. As first and second generation British Asians we are faced with different challenges to our forefathers. AMSUK YF is here to bridge the gap to ensure our hindu beliefs, customs and cultures are not lost in the dynamic changing world we live in today. 

AMSUK Youth Forum is also here to provide information on what is happening across all towns and ensure we are in constant contact with each other. We have held a number of events in the past and been overwhelmed by the help and support from our members.

Our events are a success because of you!!!!

We want members to suggest ideas, share their thoughts and even take lead on hosting AMSUK events and projects…Please get in touch with any member of the Youth Forum below or email us at

Youth Forum Executive Commitee 2020

Chair – Hina (Leicester)

Vice Chair – Kishor (Leicester)

Secretary – TBA 

Treasurer – Rina (Walsall)

Committee – Bhavna (Wolverhampton)

All town youth leaders are members

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