Chai and Chat at Shree Krishna Temple Dudley

The AMSUK Youth Forum, in collaboration with Shree Krishna Temple Dudley, held its inaugural Chai with Chat event on June 1, 2024. Although the event started half an hour later than the scheduled time of 1.30pm, it saw an attendance of about 65 people of all ages, with a majority being over 65. Hasmukbhai and Dahyabhai Kanjibhai, representing AMSUK and Shree Krishna Temple respectively, opened the event with prayers and a minute of silence for departed souls.

Youth Forum organizers explained the event format in both English and Gujarati. The theme focused on exploring our roots and sharing stories and experiences of early migrants to the UK, particularly from India and Africa. Several attendees shared their migration experiences, followed by a Q&A session with questions in separate envelopes, which engaged most participants. The questions were aligned with the event’s theme.

Additionally, a couple of older women recited a modified bhajan reflecting on today’s generation. The event also featured a chapati rolling competition for both men and women. Tea and snacks were served, and some attendees shared photos and videos from their past in Africa and India. Overall, the event was interesting and informative, providing a valuable insight into our roots and the sacrifices made by previous generations. Kudos to the organizers for bringing attention to this important but often overlooked topic. The program concluded around 5 PM with a thank you speech by Hasmukhbhai, followed by the singing of Jana Gana Mana.

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